The Ralph Bentwhistle collection
of photographic imagery

Please continue within to discover more about the majesty of photography, discover some of the dangers and excitement of the Wasteland commision
and the exciting enemies and friends of the Empire that lie out there in the Wasteland!
Or simply if you're intrigued by the latest technologies and marvels then come with me further!
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Syracuse and the fall of Averice!
June 1834

Previous Exibits

Our trip to Mu - the first step! - June 1827 The Commison return to Mu, for England and all the connect realms! - July 1827
Lost Secrets of the Stars - December 1825 Spice Islands - Febuary 1825
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Missing person
This is my friend Penny.
She CAN walk the wastes, but no-one knows where she is. She was last seen near the Spice Islands in Autumn 1825...
Can you help?
Rewards for good infomation, contact the propriator...

Have you seen a mechanical lady?

You can trust it, because YOU can make it